The E-gloo digital brick:

•   is “permanently” fixed in each building’s technical room.
•   provides long-term, long-lasting storage for buildings technical data.
•   can be accessed 24/7 for any building’s stakeholder.

The E-gloo digital brick


What does the E-gloo digital brick actually do?

The E-gloo digital brick provides a long-term, long-lasting archiving solution for your data.
Once archived, these data can then be read by a PC.
It is impossible to delete or modify any of the files archived in the E-gloo digital brick.
You can, however, copy a file archived on the E-gloo digital brick to a PC, modify it, and then load this new file back on to the E-gloo digital brick. Once archived, this new file will be impossible to modify.

How does it work?

The E-gloo digital brick:

  • is intended to be installed in each technical room of a building,
  • is housed in a case with the same dimensions as a standard brick,
  • comes with a male USB connector cable designed to be connected to a PC, enabling you to read or archive data,
  • does not need a power supply,
  • is powered up via the USB cable when it is connected to a PC,
  • is compatible with all types of PC operating systems, with no need for a specific driver.

Data storage

  • Digital storage for your building’s technical data,
  • Long-term, long-lasting storage: archived data cannot be deleted,
  • New data storage, as required.

Technical description

  • Each building’s technical room to be equipped with an E-gloo digital brick,
  • The E-gloo digital brick is made from high-performance thermo-plastic,
  • The E-gloo digital brick is waterproof (IP 68),
  • The E-gloo digital brick is self-extinguishing (UL 94 V0),
  • PC Multi-OS plug and play, without the need for a specific driver,
  • Standard memory capacity: 64Gb,
  • “Permanent” wall attachment,
  • E-gloo the digital brick that backs up BIM (Building Information Modeling) data.


  • E-gloo digital brick warranty: 10 years,
  • Expected product lifetime for the E-gloo digital brick: 30 years.

Protected patents, brands and models

  • E-gloo is an internationally protected brand,
  • The technology used in the E-gloo digital brick is covered by an international PCT patent,
  • The shape of the E-gloo digital brick is an internationally protected model.

Our company

E-gloo is dedicated to providing simple and secure digital storage for buildings technical data, directly in each building’s technical area.

E-gloo designs and produces:
• the electronic platform and the on-board system which handles data archiving,
• the high-performance thermo-plastic brick,
• the cable and the connectors.

By providing simple, effective, 24/7 access to technical data in each technical room, E-gloo digital bricks can help cut billable intervention times by 10 to 30%. For every 1€ you invest in an E-gloo digital brick, you can save between 50 and 170€, depending on the configuration of your building.

E-gloo digital brick, an innovative digital data storage solution
which is tailor-made for real estate economic stakeholders.

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